Creating an Inspired Life

“Don’t die with your music still in you” Wayne Dyer

All of us at some point wonder what is our life’s purpose. We have all felt stuck and uninspired, or just unclear about who we are and what we are doing with our life. I have found that often the answers are already present, just under the surface, and we just do not see them. I have created a series of journaling questions that will support you in discovering your life’s purpose. I encourage you to write the answers out. The process of getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper will help you de-clutter your thoughts, create clarity, and discover your purpose.

  • Where in your life are you in complaint or feel stuck?

  • How are these complaints weighing you down?

  • What can you give up about your complaints?

  • Are there any things you can give up to create space for something

    new in your life?

  • Where in your life do you feel excited or that things just easily


  • When do you feel most energized? fulfilled? inspired?

  • What is it about these experiences that leave you feeling this way?

  • Where can you start to add in more of these experiences?

    I hope these questions were helpful in creating clarity for yourself. I recommend revisiting these questions whenever you start to feel uninspired or stuck, as a way to give you access to living and inspired life.